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MCB81: The Fundamentals of Neuroscience

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MCB 81: Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Half Course (fall term). Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-2:00pm
Instructor: David Cox
Teaching Fellows: Javier Masis and Juliana Rhee

An intensive introduction to topics in neuroscience, ranging from the inner workings of neurons, to the function of small neuronal networks, to the function of brain systems that give rise to perception, thought, emotion, cognition and action. The course will emphasize student-directed learning and will follow an "inverted" structure: students will be expected to watch lecture videos and complete exercises outside of class, and classroom time will be primarily reserved for discussion and in-class exercises.

Note: This course serves as a more rigorous alternative to MCB 80 and is primarily intended for students who intend to concentrate in neurobiology or who intend to pursue neurobiology as a secondary field. MCB 81 may not be taken for credit by students who have taken MCB 80.

Enrollment limited to 20, by permission of instructor.

Prerequisites: Some background in the sciences, e.g. LS1a or equivalent, or a strong quantitative background is desirable but not strictly required.